Effective Pest Control for Retail Stores

When it comes to pest problems, retail stores are particularly vulnerable. Having doors that frequently open, fully open storefronts, or frequent stock deliveries make it easy for pests to make their way in, and densely populated shopping and storage spaces provide them with plenty of places to hide.

No matter what type of retailer you are or the services you offer, it is important to provide a level of pest control that will:

  • protect customers and employees from distress and hygiene risks
  • avoid damage to your stock and building materials
  • protect your brand and reputation

Aerex offers different pest control service programs for different types of retailers, recognizing in particular the difference between food retailers and general retailers. Our technicians will work with you to develop a plan that will address your specific needs and keep pests out of your store.

If there is a problem, we understand the importance of timeliness for you as a retailer. Our rapid response commitment means that your Aerex technician will arrive quickly and deal with the pest to prevent recurrence.

To learn more about how we can deal with or prevent pest problems in your retail store, please call us at 847-255-8888.

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