Warehouse & Storage

Protect Your Assets

Warehouses and storage facilities are at great risk for pest control issues. Doors that are constantly opening and closing, multiple entry points, and specific structural designs make it easy for pests to make their way into your facility. Once inside, there are plenty of places for them to hide.

The storage and distribution business is all about efficiency and economy – margins can be tight. You simply can’t afford the disruption that a serious pest problem can bring.

Consequences of a pest infestation can include any of the following:

  • Damage to your brand and reputation
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Customer complaints, compensation claims and contract terminations
  • Damage and contamination of stored goods, especially food and textiles
  • Stressful and unsanitary work environment for employees

That’s why many of the area’s leading storage specialists rely on active pest control from Aerex for the reassurance they and their customers need.

With the high volume of goods constantly moving in and out of your business, effective pest perimeter security is vital, and if there’s a problem, Aerex will respond to your concerns and address the issue immediately.

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