One unique feature about the beetle is that it has the most number of species known compared to any other creature. Beetles are common in all habitats, the reason being that beetles adapt to any climate, and their reproduction rate is far higher than any other living being. In a square mile the beetle population is 70 times the human population. Beetles mostly feed on plants and fungi.

Outdoor Beetles

Darkling Beetles

Adults are 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, dull bluish-black or brown beetles that are slow moving and clumsy. Immatures feed on weed and rotting plant matter, particularly in fields and abandoned lots. Numbers of beetles build up in the spring of wet years, when there is an abundance of weeds. When the weeds dry out and die during the summer months, the beetles move into yards. The beetles are most active at night, and hide during the day. If given the opportunity, they may seek shelter in houses. Cleaning up all weeds early in the spring is the best way to prevent this problem.

Green Fruit Beetle (or Green June Beetle or Fig Beetle)

The larvae (grubs) are found in rotting organic matter, such as compost. They are up to two inches long when mature. You can tell them from white grubs because they move on their back by undulating their body, and are curled into the typical C-shape. Adults have emerald green wings with brown at the margins. They congregate in large numbers to feed on various types of fruit.

Indoor Beetles

Carpet Beetle

The most common indoor beetle is the Carpet beetle. Carpet beetle larva can feed on dust and lint. Good housekeeping prevents infestations. Frequent cleaning of floors to remove dust and lint eliminates much of the available food supply, and some of the carpet beetles. However, regular cleaning will not remove dust and lint from air conditioning ducts and other inaccessible areas. Dry cleaning clothes not only removes oils and stains, it will also kill carpet beetles. Clothes should be dry cleaned regularly.

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Did you know

Beetle Facts

Beetles have lived on Earth for about 300 million years and can be found almost everywhere. Currently, more than 350,000 species of beetles have been identified.

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