Clover Mites

Clover mites are tiny red arachnids that exist throughout the United States. They are about the size of a poppy seed. When crushed, clover mites leave a red stain. The stain is not blood, it is just their natural coloring. They feed on grass, weeds and plants in the lawn and in the home. Clover mites do not attack people or animals, nor will they damage a home or its furnishings, but they are persistent in their migration habits.

Clover Mite Problems

Clover mites began to surface as a residential pest problem during the great housing boom after World War II. People began to place plants and other landscaping close to their houses. Though this new look was nice, it introduced environments that several insects, arachnids and other creatures also liked. This lead to them living alongside homes, which in turn lead to them finding their way inside homes.

Clover mites are a problem for several reasons. Since they are able to live under the bark of trees, under siding, in wall voids, and generally out of view, their activity will often go unnoticed for several years. During this time they will be reproducing and growing in great numbers.

After a certain time, their numbers will become so large they will have to migrate. Their search for a warmer environment and a protected hiding place will often lead them to congregate around window and door frames. Since they can surround and enter a home in such vast numbers, many people consider them a nuisance and want them controlled.

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Did you know

Clover Mite Facts

Clover mites are smaller than the head of a pin and range in color from reddish or brown to dark green. Under close examination they have an unusually long pair of front legs, which distinguishes them from the common spider mites found on garden plants.

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