Crickets are easily identified by their long antennae and large back legs, which they use for jumping. They are notorious for their persistent chirping, which males achieve by rubbing their wings together. Most crickets are nocturnal, so they are active during the evening hours. During the daytime, crickets prefer to hide in all manner of dark places, including under stones, in bushes, beneath vegetation, or even in the dirt.

Cricket Problems

Crickets are common outdoors, but they occasionally make their way inside homes through open doors, holes, cracks, and spaces. Besides simply being a nuisance and keeping you up at night, crickets will feed on fabrics, which can cause significant damage to clothing and linens. Most home owners, however, will find the constant chirping at night enough to call a pest control professional.

Aerex Has the Solution

Aerex technicians understand the habits of each cricket species and use that knowledge when developing a cricket control program, which is best suited to your home and your particular problem. Our technicians are professional, state certified, licensed applicators.

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Did you know

Cricket Facts

In many parts of the world, crickets are thought to bring good luck. It is rumored that crickets can tell the outside temperature: Count the number of chirps they make in one minute, divide by 4 and then add the number 40 to reach the outside temperature.

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