Fleas are a common pest problem when cats or dogs are present. Fleas can also be a problem for new homeowners that move into previously infested homes and apartments. Not only are they a concern for pets, but flea bites can also be a real worry for humans because fleas are carriers of the tapeworm parasite, murine typhus and bubonic plague.

Removing Fleas in your Home

Fleas need relatively high temperatures to survive. Homeowners often discover a problem with fleas after switching on the central heating in the fall months when the outside temperatures start to drop. The increase in temperature inside the home awakens fleas that may have been lying dormant for many months. If you have pets, it is important to prevent fleas from becoming established in carpets and bedding.


  • Vacuum and steam clean carpets and furnishings, especially where pets spend most of their time, to remove fleas and eggs. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag directly into a sealable plastic bag and immediately discard it outside your home.
  • Wash pet bedding regularly in hot water to kill flea eggs, larvae and adults in cocoons.
  • Transfer bedding, rugs and other linens carefully to avoid spreading flea eggs.
  • If possible, place pet beds in areas without carpets, such as on wooden or tile floors.

Aerex Has the Solution

Aerex technicians understand the habits of fleas and use that knowledge when developing a flea control program that is best suited to your home and your particular flea problem. Our technicians are professional, state certified, licensed applicators.

At Aerex we pride ourselves on fast, responsive service every day. All appointments are scheduled at times that are convenient for you. Call us for a free consultation at 847-255-8888. We also recommend heading over to our Resource Center to see what preparations you must do before flea extermination can be done in your home.

Did you know

Flea Facts

When something warm moves by the flea pupae, they unzip their cocoon and jump on the animal or human body. All this happens in three seconds and the flea can jump as high as four feet – that’s 150 times their own length. This would be like a human jumping 1,000 feet.

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