Grain Beetles

Grain beetles are common pests that will infest almost any food stored in your pantry. These beetles are capable of chewing through unopened paper or cardboard boxes and through cellophane, plastic and foil packages. Once inside, they multiply rapidly, often spreading to other stored foods and into food debris accumulated in pantry corners, cracks and crevices. Sometimes all life stages (egg, larva, pupa and adult) can be found. Grain beetles contaminate more food than they consume, and usually are discovered leaving the infested food to crawl about the house. Adults and larvae are external feeders, feeding on finely divided food particles and not whole grains. They do not bite or sting humans or pets, spread disease or feed on or damage the house or furniture.

Grain Beetle Identification

Grain beetles are flattened, reddish-brown, and about 1/10-inch long. They have six sawtooth-like projections on each side of the thorax (middle part between the head and the wing covers). Eggs are white, microscopic and elongated. Full-grown larvae are less than 1/8-inch long, with a dirty white background and yellowish plates on the back. The head is brown with three pairs of legs. The pupal case is made of glued foodstuff fragments.

Grain Beetle Prevention

At the time of purchase, carefully examine foods. Check the packaging date to establish freshness. Examine broken and damaged packages and boxes to avoid bringing these stored-product pests into the home. Purchase rarely used foods in small quantities to prevent storage periods of one month or more, especially during the warm summer months. Store susceptible foods in insect-proof containers of glass, heavy plastic, or metal, ideally with screw-type lids, or store in a refrigerator or freezer. Use older packages before newer ones, avoid spillage in cabinets and always keep food storage spaces clean. Properly ventilate the storage area to discourage these moisture-loving stored-product pests.

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Did you know

Grain Beetle Facts

Merchant grain beetles don’t really eat whole grain products. They are mainly drawn to foods high in fat, such as cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate.

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