Rats are known to spread diseases, so if you find them in your home, it should be treated as a serious pest problem. Even if they are not found in your living areas, rat problems inside the home should be addressed immediately as they can cause damage to wiring and have even been known to chew through floor joists, walls and insulation.

Common Pest Rats

In the United States, the roof rat (black rat) and Norway rat (brown rat) are the rats most likely to be found around or inside your home.

The roof rat is so named because they often live in high areas of houses or structures. They have the ability to climb and will use various methods to travel through a neighborhood, including overhead utility lines or fences. You might find these rats nesting in your trees, bushes or in the attic of your home.

Norway rats prefer to nest around lower floors of a building. However, if there is a larger population or an area allows, they can live in attics, above ceilings or in upper floors. Their nests may be found in wall voids, underneath floors, in crawl spaces, and even in furniture. Nests are mostly built using soft materials such as paper, cloth, leaves, grass, etc.

Signs of Rat Problems in Your Home

Although rats are nocturnal and usually hide from humans, there are a number of signs that can indicate their presence in your home:

  • Scratching noises in the walls or under the floor.
  • Rat droppings and debris from chewing.
  • Rats leave an ammonia-like smell that is particularly strong in enclosed areas, such as under cupboards.
  • Rats have teeth that grow continuously and they gnaw on wood and plastic to keep them trim. Rats can even cause fires by chewing through cables.
  • Ripped food packaging โ€“ Rats will tear open food, which may leave teeth marks.
  • Nests โ€“ Rats build nests in warm, hidden places using soft, shredded material, such as paper and fabric. Nests will sometimes contain young rats.
  • Burrows โ€“ In gardens, rats will dig burrows especially in compost heaps or under sheds. They will also build nests under garden decking.

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Did you know

Rat Facts

Rats have been proven to make a laughter-like noise (unable to be heard by the human ear alone) when tickled and dream while sleeping.

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